Top 10 of the Slovak Paradise

The most pleasant walk
The walk from Čingov to the Tomášovský view is very suitable for comfortable tourists (esp. nice in spring and in autumn). A small elevation gain, a wonderful view at the Hornád Canyon and (on the way back) at the Spiš region in the Hornád basin. Steep craggy monuments, inimitable flora and unforgettable view from the Tomášovský view at the Slovak paradise ravines and the High Tatras will make your afternoon really delightful.

The best place to ski
Slovak paradise is beautiful in every season. It is an ideal place for the winter sports, too. The plateaux offer a large number of well kept cross country ski routes. The ski centre Mlynky is especially suitable for skiing down the hill. You can choose there one of five (differently long and steep) slopes - all situated on the northern side of Kruhová, where snow stays from early winter to late spring. By the ski tows you will get on the top of Kruhová and once you are there, we can only wish you: Good luck!

The wildest drive
If you are approaching the Spiš region from the region of Liptov and in Spišský Štvrtok you turn right (direction Stratená), you will really experience the wildest and most exciting drive by car through the western part of the Slovak Paradise. In deep mountains you will firstly drive up the hill to Kopanec, where you can take a rest on a meadow full of the most fantastic and best smelling flowers. By driving down the hill you´ll get to Krivian crossroads, which is just a few kilometres far from the village Dedinky or Dobšinská Ice Cave. Two advice before the drive: drive carefully and in winter only with chains on wheels.

The shortest one from the ravines
In majority of the Slovak Paradise ravines you firstly have to walk quite a long time before you approach attractive waterfalls and ladders. This is not the case of the Zejmarská roklina (Zejmarská Ravine). from Mlynky-Biele vody (where you can park your car) in a few minutes you will get to the beautiful ravine ant the waterfalls of cpt. Ján Nálepka. After one hour of amazing hike between steep huge craggy walls you will ascend to the Geravy plateau.

The most visited route
In the northern part of the Slovak Paradise there are situated two main tourist centres of this region: Čingov and Podlesok. They are connected together with15 km long attractive marked route, leading through the canyon along the Hornád river. Through the canyon you get following the green marked path of the Mountain rescue service. You will walk through a very narrow valley with 150 m high slopes on the both sides - on some places just a few metres far apart. Foot-bridges, clenches, ladders and chains will help you to end successfully this more than 4 hours long hike in a dangerous hug of rocks, forests and waters of the Slovak Paradise.

The most picturesque one from the valleys
The river Hnilec, which is at the same time the southern border of the Slovak Paradise, flows to this area through Vernár and Ostrá skala (Sharp Rock) and creates scenic recesses in all seasons. From the valley you have an awesome view at Srnčie skaly (Roe-buck Rocks). More able tourists can hike from the valley through the Stratenský canyon up to Havrania skala (Raven Rock). More comfortable tourists can walk through a vigorous village Stratená to the water reservoir of Palcmanská Maša by Dedinky. Travellers will maybe prefer the drive by a small train passing several bridges, overheads and tunnels till it arrives in the village Hnilec.

The largest water area
It is a hot summer afternoon. You are returning from a tour - completely sweat and tired. Palcmanská Maša by Dedinky is the most ideal place to take a rest! Bathing, shuttling, the ride in pairs by a water bicycle, windsurfing, fishing...facilities to camp, hiking, cycle-tours, in winter cross-country and down the hill skiing...this everything you will find by 850 000 m2 large water area in the southern part of the Slovak Paradise.

The most romantic recess
Letanovský mlyn (Letanovský Mill) is probably the most romantic from the large number of the romantic recesses in the Slovak Paradise.. In the middle of the Hornád Canyon from Čingov to Podlesok, on a meadow by the river in a womb of the Slovak Paradise mountains, you will find a delightful place to take a rest. A lot of rare butterflies flying above the meadow, Lucanus cervus in grass, silvery glistening backs of trout in water, hawk above the rocks.

The highest waterfall
If somebody wants to compare his power with the power of nature and moreover to experience the sight at water falling from rocks 65 m high into the valley, we recommend him to start the whole day hike to Sokolia dolina (Falcon Ravine). The access from Čingov through Biely potok (White Creek) and the return from Biskupské chyžky (Bishops´ Rooms) to Kláštorisko or Podlesok is the most suitable. It is a lovely hike, but very arduous. By ascending the 90 m long series of ladders passing the Skalný, Vyšný and Závojový waterfalls, the knees of even the most brave backwoodsmen will be shaking.

The coolest summer refreshment
Dobšinská ľadová jaskyňa (Dobšinská Ice Cave) is situated on the south-eastern edge of the National Park Slovak Paradise. It is the centre of attraction of the locals as well as the tourists from abroad. There is no better refreshment in hot summer days than to experience this fantastic "ice theatre" hidden deep in Stratenská hornatina (Stratenská upland). The vast majority of those who have seen it feel the strong temptation to come back once again. The "ice performances" start in June and end in September. Come in!

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